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Cryotherapy FAQ in Crofton, MD

Cryotherapy is a healing technique that dates back to ancient civilizations, but new technology has made the treatment easier and more accessible in recent years. Whole body cryotherapy now allows for complete immersion of your body in extremely cold temperatures, leading to rejuvenation and better health and wellness. While athletes have been using whole body cryotherapy for many years to improve recovery and performance, for many non-athletes, it is a relatively new concept. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below to help get you started.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the use of cold temperatures to foster the body’s natural healing process. With modern technology, this involves utilizing liquid nitrogen to either cool targeted areas in cryofacials and spot nitrogen treatment or to cool air in a “cold sauna.” Whole body cryotherapy consists of immersing the entire body in extremely cold temperatures while keeping your head outside the chamber. This exposure to cold helps promote regular functions of the body like circulation and endorphin release that help protect the body from the cold. These functions then promote improved healing and wellness throughout your system, improving your mood, boosting your metabolism, and leading to better overall well-being.

Does Cryotherapy Hurt?

Cryotherapy doesn’t hurt, although the exposure to the cold is often a strange sensation during your first cryotherapy session. Your body will stay dry the entire time, and your head will remain outside the cryotherapy chamber. The rest of your body will be surrounded by very cold air, but the session only lasts a few minutes and most people enjoy the overall sensation.

Is Nitrogen Harmful?

No. Nitrogen is a key component of the air we breathe and is a non-toxic gas. Being surrounded by nitrogen or having liquid nitrogen touch your skin during a nitrogen spot treatment is not harmful.

Do I Need to Shower Before or After Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions?

No. The whole body cryotherapy procedure is completely dry and doesn’t involve sweating, so you don’t have to worry about showering before or after the session. That means you can easily schedule sessions before work or during your lunch break.

Will I Get Claustrophobic During Cryotherapy Sessions?

Your head will be exposed the entire time you’re in a cryotherapy session, alleviating the concern of claustrophobia for many who struggle with small spaces. The door of the chamber also cannot be locked, and a staff member will be present throughout the entire treatment.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare for My Session?

All clients complete a waiver prior to their session.

What Is the Age Requirement?

Clients ages 18 and older can participate if they meet the height and health requirements. The minimum age is 14 years old if a parent or guardian gives consent and is present during the session.

How Often Is Cryotherapy Recommended?

To maintain the benefits of cryotherapy, we suggest participating in sessions 2-3 times per week. When you are just starting cryothearpy we recommend you return within 24-48 after your first session. We suggest coming in 3-5 times as close together as possible when first starting cryotherapy to target excess inflammation and treat pain.

What Should I Wear During a Session?

We provide you with thermal gloves and socks, cryo shoes, and a robe. Men are required to wear “DRY” boxers during their whole-body cryotherapy session. Women can choose to wear their undergarments or remove them. No metal is allowed in the chamber. If you have piercing you can’t remove, we will provide you with cotton gauze and a band-aid to cover the jewelry.

What Should I Expect During My Session?

During your session, one of our certified team members will guide you through your experience. You will be instructed to continuously rotate to maximize the benefits. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during your short session of whole body cryotherapy, you may exit the cryosauna. Many participants experience pain relief and improved mental well-being immediately following their session. Our cryosauna is the safest and only one made in the USA.

Is Whole Body Cryotherapy Right for Me?

Whole-body cryotherapy is an effective and rejuvenating treatment for athletes and non-athletes alike, helping with weight loss, chronic pain relief, muscle recovery, improved performance, and more.

Those who should not seek whole-body therapy include those who are pregnant or have any of the following: uncontrolled high blood pressure, pregnancy, Raynaud’s syndrome, allergy to cold, prior heart attack, unstable heart pain, disease of the blood vessels, history of blood cots, uncontrolled seizure disorder, nerve pain in feet and legs, open sores, any disease or condition with increased sensitivity to cold, and certain other health conditions.

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