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Pricing and Membership Specials

Whole Body Cryotherapy Pricing

New Client Special Promotion



New Client Special - Single Session


New Client Special - 3 Sessions


New Client Special - 5 Sessions

Individual Session

One Session


4 Whole Body Sessions


8 Whole Body Sessions


12 Whole Body Sessions


16 Whole Body Sessions


Unlimited Whole Body
*Cannot be shared
*One session per day

Monthly Members

Monthly Auto-pay memberships enjoy the lowest rates!

4 Whole-Body Sessions


8 Whole-Body Sessions


12 Whole-Body Sessions


16 Whole Body Sessions


Unlimited Whole-Body
*max one session per day
*Cannot be shared

Local Cryotherapy or Cryofacials

New Client Special

$50 – Two Local or Facial Treatments


Add-on to Whole Body Cryotherapy


Single Local or Facial Treatment


4 Local or Facial Cryotherapy Treatments


8 Local or Facial Cryotherapy Treatments


12 Local or Facial Cryotherapy Treatments


20 Local or Facial Cryotherapy Treatments

NormaTec Compression Therapy

20-minute sessions

New Client Special

$20 – Two Normatec Sessions


Add-on to Whole-Body Cryotherapy Session


Single Session


5 Sessions


10 Sessions

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