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Cryotherapy Services in Crofton, MD

At Maryland Cryotherapy in Crofton, MD, we utilize cutting-edge therapy technology to improve performance and boost your body’s natural recovery processes. Our cryotherapy and compression therapy techniques are designed for athletes and non-athletes alike, assisting with muscle recovery, chronic pain, and more.

Our services include whole body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy, cryofacials, and NormaTec compression therapy. Read on to learn more about our proven injury recovery and chronic pain relief therapy techniques.

Maryland Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Already popular among professional athletes, whole body cryotherapy has started to gain a following among recreational athletes and individuals striving for weight loss, improved mood, or tighter skin. Whole body cryotherapy involves immersing your entire body in a sauna-like chamber containing air cooled to temperatures reaching as low as -250 degrees Farenheight. This extreme cold assists with decreasing inflammation and joint swelling, improving athletic performance, tightening your skin, stimulating collagen production, boosting your metabolism, aiding weight loss, improving your sleep pattern, reducing anxiety, and more. Repeated whole body cryotherapy treatments over time lead to long-term health benefits and improved energy in daily life.

Local Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy is commonly used to treat athletes with acute and chronic soft tissue injuries but the technique can also be very helpful for non-athletes suffering from muscle and joint pain. Those who participate in competitive sports and intense training sessions are more susceptible to muscle and joint injuries. Athletes also rely on quick recovery to get back to peak performance. Cryostimulation applied during local cryotherapy stimulates blood flow to the targeted area, reducing pain and inflammation. Participants in this treatment experience enhanced performance and higher tolerance to strenuous physical activity, among other amazing benefits.


Cryotherapy facials harness the power of cryotherapy for rejuvenating and refreshing the skin on your face and neck. Like other types of facials, this technique gives your skin a brighter, fresher look. But the cold also works to stimulate collagen production in your skin, which tightens the skin over time and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment has immediate results after one session, leaving you looking younger and brighter, but it is most effective when completed over a series of sessions, stimulating improved collagen production long-term.

Normatec Compression

NormaTec Compression Therapy

NormaTec is the leader in compression therapy for improved recovery and performance. This cutting-edge recovery system consists of a sleeve device that surrounds your legs, arms, or hips. The fully digital system then utilizes compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilizing lymphatic fluid and removing lactic acid from your muscles. This process leads to faster recovery and recuperation following intense exertion and improves circulation for those with poor circulation. While most commonly used for athletes, this state of the art technique is also beneficial for those who spend all day on their feet or those who are dealing with circulation problems, like varicose veins or diabetes.

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