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Skin-Firming Cryofacials in Crofton, MD

If you’re dealing with dull and sagging skin or wrinkles on your face and neck and haven’t been able to find relief from typical spa facials, a cryofacial might be right for you.

Cryofacials utilize the ancient technique of cryotherapy for improved rejuvenation and healing, tightening the skin on your face and neck and leading to a more youthful appearance. Our skilled cold therapy experts at Maryland Cryotherapy in Crofton, MD, provide targeted cryofacials in addition to our full-body cryotherapy experiences. These non-invasive, painless beauty treatments are perfect for a pick-me-up before special occasions or just to treat yourself for a rejuvenated appearance and feel.

What Is a Cryofacial?

Cryotherapy is an ancient healing practice utilizing cold therapy to promote wellness and recovery. This cold therapy has been used for a wide range of applications, from assisting with pain management and workout recovery to boosting mental well-being and weight management.

Cryofacials harness this time-tested therapy for targeted rejuvenation in the face and neck. This non-invasive, painless facial treatment involves rapidly cooling the skin on your face and neck using vaporized liquid nitrogen. An aesthetician blows the freezing air over your face in circles for five to ten minutes, depending on the treatment, ensuring the cold isn’t in one place long enough to cause any damage. In just a few minutes, this treatment dilates the vessels in the skin of your face and neck in a process called vasoconstriction. This process helps tighten the skin, restoring firmness and reducing pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

How Cryofacials Work

During a cryofacial, cooled air is applied to the skin, triggering oxygenated blood flow that nourishes the skin and muscles. This helps reduce negative substances and stimulates the production of revitalizing agents, such as collagen, that work to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite. While microdermabrasion or dermaplaning are often used to rejuvenate the skin by removing a layer of dead skin cells, these alternatives can cause unwanted side effects such as inflammation. Cryofacials don’t cause more problems for your skin, they are designed to treat skin conditions, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Lackluster or dull skin
  • Fatigued skin
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis

Cryofacial Treatment Benefits

After just one treatment, you’ll immediately feel more awake and look more well-rested than before. Increased collagen production will leave you with noticeably tighter skin and a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Cryofacials work best when completed over several sessions. With a series of cryotherapy facial sessions, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of cryotherapy. You’ll have clearer skin, with reduced appearance of blemishes and scars, and relief from conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Cryfocials can be used to supplement your normal skincare routine. Side effects of other treatments are counteracted during cryotherapy and increased penetrability of cell membranes allows your skin to absorb nutrients from creams and lotions more effectively.

At Maryland Cryotherapy in Crofton, we’ll consult with you ahead of time about whether a cryofacial is right for you. Our cryofacials rejuvenate your skin and lead to a fresher, more radiant appearance. We also provide full-body cryotherapy and local cryotherapy to assist with repairing and rejuvenating skin beyond your face. With all these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why athletes and non-athletes alike are turning to Maryland Cryotherapy for improved wellness and health.

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